Certified Banting Coach

A certified Banting Coach (CBC) is:

  • A handpicked, passionate Banter with a successful Banting story
  • Certified by Real Meal Revolution through it's training program
  • Armed with the knowledge and skills to run Banting groups
  • Provided with tools, recipes, meal plans and LCHF content
  • Dedicated to helping you achieve health and weight-loss goals

Why you need a CBC?

  • Group support has been proven as a successful means to a sustained life change
  • Lack of motivation
  • Encouragement and support of peers
  • Daily monitoring
  • Hands-on support
  • Guidance
  • Life lessons from people who have gone through what you are going through

The Banting Brothers Story

Hello and a very warm welcome. Introductions first – we are Paul Connery and Mark Connery and together we’re the Banting Brothers. The two of us have always been close and despite a geographical distance between us -  in life we have retained a formidable bond. Our life journeys brought us to a pivotal point when we lost our mum at the relatively young age of 66 -  three years ago - to Type II diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis. In the last ten years of her life she suffered extreme health problems and a hugely reduced quality of life. At the same time Mark suffered a series of health set-backs icluding major surgery on an arthritic hip. Paul has always been a maverick with a passionate interest in health (he's a Registered Chiropractor and Certified Life Coach), wellness and connection and these combined factors lead to our awareness of the Banting lifestyle. As a result, we have literally turned our health around and lost a combined four stone of excessive body fat over the last twelve months. How did we get to this point? It’s a long story but we’ll aim to keep it brief…



I’m a chiropractor and I’ll admit a bit of a non-conformist when it comes to health and the sea of misinformation that exists out there. I like to dig deep. For 20 years, studying and applying the very latest science in nutrition, psychology and exercise in various clinical settings, I have enjoyed helping thousands of people get unstuck from their cycle of miseducation and addiction to unhealthy lifestyles. I have been on a crusade to enlighten and empower ordinary people to improve their wellbeing and happiness, through education and self-discovery. It’s what lights my fire.


Married for 20 years and father to 18-year-old twins, part of my passion has evolved from wanting to see my family truly thrive and flourish in the world. And, for myself, despite cycling thousands of miles over the last four years, including London to Paris, and having followed all the sports science advice, shockingly, I found myself at my heaviest weight ever last autumn and decided enough was enough. I had lost weight before using carbohydrate-restricted diets and so I started to read and watch everything I could about healthy weight loss and improved metabolic health. It was at this point that I came across the work and ideas of Professor Tim Noakes, a renowned South African medical doctor and sports scientist, and experienced a bit of an epiphany. It made sense to me and I became my own experiment. A year on I have lost two stone and maintained it easily. I eat incredible food and never go hungry. I feel, quite simply, fantastic.



I have been married to Angela for 14 years and am the father of three lovely children ranging in age from six to 13. Like many people I have held down a career (in finance) whilst balancing the many other facets of my life. Despite exercising regularly, I found that in recent years my health began to suffer and my weight crept up. Over the decades I have followed Paul’s journey closely and applied many of his recommendations, always with positive results, so when I saw him lose a significant amount of weight and start looking better than ever – I sat up and took serious notice. I followed the Banting lifestyle with Paul’s support and quite frankly have never looked back. I enjoy fantastic, delicious food and have never felt better.


I am passionate about health and wellness and I am driven to share this information with others. I see many people struggling with the same challenges that I experienced, as well as losing loved ones prematurely and I know that there is another way.



Together as the Banting Brothers we want to help lead the next health revolution. The time for change has been a long time coming and the world is now creaking under the strain of obesity, diabetes and chronic inflammatory disease. As Certified Banting Coaches we've walked the walk and now we want to help you become the best version of you possible...avoiding unnecessary suffering and living life to the full, capable of doing what you want and sharing it with those you love! So come and join us... 


What exactly is Banting and how does it work?